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Did you know...

  • South Africa is the top global producer of mohair, which is famous for both its quality and quantity.
  • Port Elizabeth is know as the Mohair capital of the world as 95% of the world's mohair passes through its ports.
  • Mohair today is one of the world's most exclusive natural fibres.
  • Angora goats are categorized as follows :The male is know as a Ram, the female is called and Ewe, and the baby goat is called an Kid.
  • The Angora goat is shorn every six months with either a hand or an electric clipper, and is not harmed in any way during the shearing process.
  • The first shearing takes place at 6 months, this is the super fine and most expensive mohair available.
    Mohair is renewable, natural resource.

Mohair is known worldwide as the "noble fibre" or "the diamond Fibre".Its exclusive qualities-lustre, resilence and colour reflection-have been its success, and the South Africa mohair industry has grown into the global leader, producing the world's best mohair.

Information supplied by MOHAIR South Africa.  www.mohair.co.za


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