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A message from AnimalsAsia

A Message From Animals Asia

No Voice, No Choice

Animals Asia is campaigning to end wild animal performances and improve the health and welfare of the animals held captive in the name of entertainment. Our Zoos and Safari Parks team is working on the ground in China and Vietnam to stop these cruel shows and bring about a total ban on the practice.

But animal performances still take place across the world. The only way to end them is to end the demand. If nobody is watching, they won't happen.

The Issue

Tens of thousands of terrified wild animals are being forced to entertain crowds with unnatural tricks and feats in circuses, zoos and safari parks all over the world. Behind the scenes, they are abused, neglected and malnourished.

The techniques used to force animals to perform are cruel and abusive. Most receive little or no vet care and when not performing, they live in barren cages or cells.

Circuses have no respect for the behavioural, ecological and conservational needs of these animals. Worse still these performances are often aimed at children. Animal cruelty is a terrible lesson for any child.

"It's hard to imagine that seeing an animal in a circus could ever bring the same amount of joy as seeing an animal behaving naturally in the wild. Why take animals from their natural environment and put them in an alien environment? Why torture them until their spirits are broken and they succumb to performing tricks? I believe we all instinctively know that animal performances are wrong. It’s an inner voice that we must listen to and act upon. We must speak up for animals. We must never accept animal performances."

Jill Robinson,  Founder & CEO, Animals  Asia


"While animal performances continue to happen anywhere in the world we are failing animals. Giant strides are being made but we need to see this end country after country. End it where you live and support those working to end it where they are. Together we can eradicate this absolutely and end animal suffering for entertainment."

Dave Neale, Animal Welfare Director, Animals Asia

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